The Weekend Changes

So excited for these things this weekend:

Craft Projects

Valentine Projects

A Breakfast Party with 14 Teenagers

A Fashion Transformation

Enjoying my Teenager Enjoy Her New Shoes

The Good Feeling of Helping Someone Else.

The Weekend Agenda

1. Riley’s school dance:

    • transform her dress into something modest and appropriate for a 16 year-old girl (do parents seriously buy these kinds of things for their teenage daughters to wear?)
    • remember to praise her profusely for staying within her dance apparel budget and choosing a dress that cost $12.70! so she could buy the Tom’s shoes she has been desperately longing for. Bonus: donating a pair of shoes to someone in need in the process
    • make tissue paper flowers, pennant garlands cookie flowers, and various decorations and use them to decorate the dining area
    • buy groceries and supplies to feed 14 teenagers breakfast at 7 a.m. (???) on Saturday morning
    • clean!!!
    • get up too early on Saturday and make breakfast for the aforementioned 14 teenagers
    • spend the afternoon with the same teenagers posing them in “Gap-style” poses and taking their pictures
    • WORRY until Riley comes home at midnight

2. Lainey’s school dance:

    • Make sure Lainey’s new dress, bought on a thrifting trip, is ready to go
    • Take Lainey to our favorite accessory store, Hildi’s Gifts for something fun
    • Take Lainey to Amanda at IDentity Salon for a new haircut
    • Drive tweens to or from dance

3. Valentine’s Day

    • Make Valentine’s box and cookie flowers for Halle’s class. I wish I had time to make this and these and these
    • Make Big Bang Chocolates, Valentines style, and deliver to some of my favorite people
    • Make something like this for my little Valentines, and plan a fun date for my big Valentine

4. Fun Gift

    • Handcraft something fun for one of my besty’s birthday using ideas from Princess Lasertron for inspiration

5. The Usual

    • Do a little cleaning (very little after reviewing this list)
    • Do a little sleeping (ditto above)
    • Enjoy the Sabbath with my family
    • Get lost in the blogosphere for a little while (ditto, ditto)
      Time to get started—I’ve spent so much time blogging about the weekend, I’m afraid I might have to cross a few things off the list!

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