This is my friend Kelly.

Kelly is tall and beautiful.

Kelly has a fabulous green coat.

Kelly has a wonderful husband and 4 beautiful children.

Kelly can make anything out of anything and she can make it look great.

Kelly will sit in the car in the driveway with me and talk…sometimes for hours…about marriage and motherhood and religion and extended families and a hundred other things.

Kelly likes to do crazy things like dress in black and go toilet papering, or dance in the moonlight with a burning torch, or plan ultra fun Girl’s Camps involving princesses, spaceships, and tropical islands.

Kelly says “I’m in” when I call her to go to a fun Saturday event at one of my favorite places; she also reminds me that we have a church meeting at the same time and then comes up with a great solution so that we can do both.

Kelly says things to me like “you should enjoy your curves,” when I say that I wish I looked like my skinny daughters.

Kelly is my “go to girl” when I have any big project…she gives me encouragement, praise, and perspective.

Kelly makes my life better and she helps me be a better person.

Do you have a Kelly? If you don’t, you need to get one. Good friends are so important.


One thought on “Friends

  1. You know who my "Kelly" is…but she up and moved two states away! That makes it harder to sit in the driveway and talk forever (which we have done many times) but at least we can still talk on the phone & skype sometimes. But it is just not the same…I miss her 😦

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