It’s All About the Shoes

I found these at the thrift store for daughter 2, Riley.  I knew she would love the high, spiky heels and zebra print.  I liked the patent leather on them, the men’s wear detailing, the combination of class and trend, and the price, $6.  I set them in a place where she would be sure to see them and waited in anticipation for her to come home from school…and…she doesn’t like them?!!!  Not sure why.  Where did I go wrong? 

So I tried them on, they are my size too after all.  And they are great if I was going to sit down and not move in them.  I could maybe walk 50 ft. in them and that would be it.  Also, should I really be wearing shoes that I bought for a 16 year-old?  Sigh.  I am at that stage in my life, I’m afraid.

Then I played with them a little bit and added some colorful ribbon, ala tap shoe style.  Oh, I would so wear these if I was 16 or even 30. 

I even looked up the shoe brand, Qupid, on line and found all of these…

at LuLu’s.

And then I found this section

…and now I want these.


Then I saw this…

…so I went here and filled out the form.  I hope I win.  You should try to win, too.

Riley, I’m sorry to say that on the zebra shoes matter, you are perfectly wrong.

I think I might use them as a display piece…ala tap shoe style.


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