DIY Wall Poster & Stripy Valance

*See how I used these items in my craft room re-do, turbo style!

Wall Poster

Find an unused picture frame with a mat or get one at your favorite store. Mine was left over from an unfinished 4 year-old project and I bought it at Ikea. My picture opening is 11 1/2”x15 3/4”. Open the frame and take the mat and the backing sheet out. Lightly tape the backing sheet to the mat around 2 sides so that it doesn’t slide.

Pick some scrapbook paper out of your supply of paper that you never scrapbook with…or the supply of paper that you do actually scrapbook with . I love paper packs because they are already coordinated for you. They come in different colors and textures and you can buy them at any craft store. I bought mine at JoAnn’s.

Choose your paper, and place between the backing sheet and the mat. I had to use two pieces and since I was turbo decorating, I didn’t worry about matching anything (I wouldn’t have anyway because that is how I roll). I tried different patterns and colors together and they looked good as well. Check the paper’s placement and then glue to the backing sheet. Remove tape.

Choose paper for your letters. I chose a black background with an old-fashioned typewriter pattern in white.

I cut the paper into strips, along the natural pattern. The strips ended up 1/2” x 4 1/2”.

I then placed them on the scrapbook paper, cutting some of the strips in half or thirds to shape the letters. After I was happy with the placement, I glued the strips on to form the word “create.” I put the word poster back in the frame, and stepped back to admire. So easy and so cute!

Stripy Valance

Choose fabric and iron if needed. Cut strips with a rotary cutter and mat. You can cut really cool thin strips, or 1” strips if you don’t want to spend days and days cutting. I chose 1” strips. You can also choose the length you desire, but the strips will be folded in half. I decided I liked a variety of lengths, so my strips vary from about 15-20” in length.

Adjust a tension rod as needed for the window you are hanging the valance in. Then, wrap the strips around the tension rod, placing the middle of the strip at the top of the rod.

Tie the strip about 2 inches from the rod if you want a look like mine…or wherever you want to get your own look. In this example, I used a thin fabric strip to tie it with. On my finished valance, I used yarn. I think I like the fabric strips best.

Add strips until the rod is covered from end to end, and place in window. Adjust the strips until evenly spaced, then cut to desired length, or leave them uneven like I did. Sit back and gaze out your window.


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