The Big City

Joe and I had a “real” mini moment the other day when we drove to the big city for court (J) shopping (L) and lunch. It takes us about 35 minutes to get to the courthouse from our little town, so that means 70 minutes in the car together…alone…talking and talking and talking. That is my favorite part of our mini moments…except for the kissing part. I like that a lot. I like Joe a lot!

We tried a new restaurant for lunch…Settebello. It came highly recommended from my sister and her husband, who spent two years in Italy on a church mission. He is our go to guy on anything Italian. (Look closely and you can see me and the mini in one of the windows…I’m in coral, the mini is in blue.)

They serve Napoli-style pizza there which to me just means YUM! The pizza is cooked in a wood stove that is heated to over 1,000 degrees. Notice the big pizza tools behind the Italian pizza guy.

The food was excellent! We shared a salad that had amazing fresh shaved parmesan on it and a pizza that was topped in quarters…one quarter mushrooms, one quarter olives, one quarter salami, one quarter sausage. And fresh basil all over. I love fresh basil as much as fresh cilantro. I’m not a huge pizza fan, but Joe is and I’d been wanting to take him here for a while. He said he would definitely go again, and so will I. I have become a huge fan of this kind of pizza.

The name Settebello comes from the most valuable and sought after card in an Italian card game named Scopa. There were lots of framed card pictures on the wall, like this.

Right next door was a little gelato place…we didn’t try it this time, but next time we definitely will.


More Mini Moments.


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