Weekend Stuff…and Japan

As you go through your weekend, remember the Japanese people whose lives have been changed by the devastating earthquake and tsunami. They need lots of prayers…and lots of help. I always feel helpless and unsure about what I can do to help in these situations. Do you have anything that you or your family do to really get involved in disaster relief?
I am blogging this weekend from sunny and warm St. George, UT. The weather is perfect and we are having a great time. Because I don’t have my usual blogging programs with me, my weekend post is a bit messed up date wise, so here is the link to Transform Your Weekend. If you just scroll down a bit on the main page, it is there on Wednesday…even though I actually posted it today. Not sure what is wrong.
I’ve already tried a few new cooking projects from my weekend post. Here is my report:
The Chicken Bacon Avocado Quesadillas from Amanda were so good that even my pickiest eater (you know who you are) really liked them. They are definitely being added to our family favorite’s list.
And can I just say that Paula’s Nutella Turnovers were a big hit with the teenage girl crowd! They were so easy to make and very forgiving of my not so gourmet weekend condo kitchen. I brushed the egg wash on with my fingers (no pastry brush, please don’t tell) and baked them on a pizza pan.
What was my opinion on the turnovers? I LOVE them! I want to eat them all day long! If I wasn’t married, I would marry them. Really!

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