Bedroom & Bathroom

*Warning: the following post contains bedroom and bathroom humor!

This is where I have some of my best mini moments with my sweet lawyer husband….No, not that kind…those are private!

Technically they don’t fall under my definition of mini moments either because they don’t involve the Mini Cooper, driving it up all those stairs would not be fun or possible. But they are moments with Joe and I’m the one that defined mini moments so I can change the definition, too. For this mini moment there is no Mini Cooper, just Joe and I and our great big bed.

This is one of the only places that we get to talk uninterrupted because our girls know they might be really embarrassed if they just walk in. Not that they have, but we like to throw out lots of comments like “let’s go upstairs and make out” and we make lots of kissing noises if they walk by when they are supposed to be in bed. You should try it because it works. Really! Also, we have a lock on the door.

So here are some of my favorite moments from last night…and this morning.

I was so cold when I got in bed, as I always am, so I draped every body part over Joe that I possibly could and started sucking all of the heat out of him…he is always my human heater. He doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do, but last night I left my socks on so my feet were not so cold. I love that he is always warm.

Joe said, “We have 4 really great kids. Let’s sing a song for them.” So we did. I love that he loves his girls.

After talking loudly and very energetically while I was trying to sleep, Joe got quiet and was asleep in 30 seconds. I was awake for the next 30 minutes still trying to get warm. I love to lay by him while he sleeps.

We were finally both asleep, me with my foot on his leg because I can’t go to sleep unless I am touching him. I love that I don’t feel whole without him.

When I got up this morning he said, “Come back to bed for a while.” I love it when he wants me with him.

We talked about the toilet that overflowed last night and I got a bit ticked that he hadn’t cleaned off the floor…it was just wet he said. Then I remembered that he was the one that unclogged it and picked up the wet rugs, so I will do the rest of the clean up…especially because I am channeling Martha Stewart this week. I love that he takes care of things.

This morning while we talked he told me this joke: “A trip to the bathroom is like taking a trip to foreign countries—When you go in, your Russian…When you’re in there, European…when you come out you’re Finnish.” I love that he is funny. I love that he thinks Europe is a country.

I love that I have shared a bed with this man for the last 22 1/2 years.


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