Glass Dishes


After last weeks modeling session, I decided that we had all had enough of looking at me in my thrift-store finds. This week I’m showing off my favorite little glass dishes that I got for $.50 each at the DI (Deseret Industries). I bought every one they had and that was only 5, but we are a family of 5 now because Courtnee has her own family (I still can’t believe it!).


The dishes are perfect for girl-sized ice cream desserts. I also love to put toppings in them for waffle bars, sundae bars, baked potato bars, taco salad bars…it seems we eat a lot of bar-like meals at our house…funny since we are Mormons!

For some great tips on thrift store shopping, go to Marta’s blog Marta This is part of Marta’s “how-to” series and features abby of Two tips I really like from Abby are “use your imaginationand “if you love something you come across and it won’t break your budget then by all means buy it all ready!!” That is definitely why I purchased the glass dishes, I loved them and at $2.50 for all five, they were in my budget.

Happy thrifting!


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