Some days are just Poopy!

Mini Cooper

Lately my days have started out a little poopy. Really! Bo has got some kind of intestinal disorder going on that is manifesting itself around the house. He is fine during the day, but can’t seem to make it through the night. Instead of a friendly little bark to alert us to his dilemma, we are greeted each morning with an unfriendly pile of poop…only it has been puddles of poop!

You might we wondering how this is a mini moment? Well, I will tell you. I got up the first morning and cleaned up the pile of poop while listening to Joe read scriptures to the girls. Not too bad as far as cleaning up poop goes. The next morning, the smell hit me all the way upstairs and when I went to survey the damage, I kept finding more and more…damage. (Sorry, this is kind of gross, but there is a point.) I again cleaned up the poop, while gagging and complaining the whole time. When I finished, Joe said, “I am taking you out to breakfast because you are so good at cleaning up poop.” I said, “Thanks, I think.” And he did and that poopy morning turned out okay.

Lest you think Joe got off easy, he did not. The next night we decided to house Bo in the garage, just in case, and, the next morning he had pooped all over the garage. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that there were probably 500 drops of poop in the garage (why does Bo have to move while he poops?) So, while I was blissfully grocery shopping, Joe removed everything from the garage, including the heavy dresser and shelves I’m about to paint, and he power washed the garage floor and now it is a lovely new color and very unpoopy. And then Jo put everything back all by himself. He is my superhero!

Joe America

And that is how our mini moments go…a little give, a little take, and a lot of cleaning up poop…together!


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