Today I started my 28-day Whole Body Action Plan. I’m a bit behind schedule, but starting today with the Week 1 cleanse. Last week I printed out the shopping list and purchased food. And then I thought about it…and thought about it some more…and thought about it some more…and finally started today.

This is my first body cleanse. Have you done one before? The idea is to fill your body with lots of high-nutrient liquids that will help to flush toxins out of your system. I think this translates to eating lots of vegetables and spending a lot of time in the bathroom. The bathroom and I are long-time friends so I think I will be okay with that. I even cleaned my toilet really well in anticipation of some extra time together.

“Why are you doing this?” you might ask. Well, I will tell you. I have this really nasty diet soda addiction that I want to lose (I have lost it several times before, but I keep finding it), and I need to revamp my eating habits. I thought getting all the bad stuff out first would be helpful, and hopefully get me headed in the right direction. If you feel a need to join me in this cleansing process, let me give you a few tips. If you feel no such need, watch this trailer and then watch the movie, and then join me in the cleansing process. Really! This movie really made me think about how and what I eat.

Food Matters!

1. Shopping List—Make realistic choices

The cleanse I am following included a shopping list for the 4-day detox. I purchased the majority of items on the list, but not everything. I didn’t want to hunt down coconut water, so I scratched that, along with kale, swiss chard, and watercress because you only need one leaf, and my grocery store doesn’t sell one leaf. I will substitute spinach instead. I also scratched the fennel, cabbage, and bok choy because I don’t really know what they are. I will substitute other veggies instead.

No striped sea bass at my store, so I’m substituting swai (the butcher said it is like a less-fishy catfish). Also, no mint leaves or tamari…maybe I’ll use a drop of peppermint extract and I don’t know what tamari is, so hopefully I won’t miss it. I did get fresh Italian parsley and cilantro and I can get lots of fresh chives from my garden.

I love pine nuts, but they are so expensive…$8.59 for 1/2 cup, so I didn’t purchase them and will use almonds instead. I did purchase the almond butter, which was also a bit pricy, but I wanted to try some new things. Did not purchase the buckwheat noodles…where do you find these? I’ll probably use whole wheat noodles instead, although they contain gluten and this is a gluten-free cleanse.

The grocery bill for my detox foods was $69.59 and that doesn’t count items that I already have…eating healthy is expensive. But the food is so beautiful! I feel healthier just looking at it.


2. Family meals

Make sure you have stocked up on food for the family members who are not cleansing with you. At my house that is everyone else. Also, let everyone try a bit of your smoothies or healthy lunches…they might be jealous.

3. Plan some down time for your body…

I am going to take it a bit more slowly for these next 4 days. My exercise will only include walking and yoga and I’m going to work hard to get lots of extra sleep. I think I might do some home-spa treatments like facials, a pedicure, and some long soothing baths.

4. …and your mind

I’m also going to try and plan some down time for my mind. Like you, I am really busy with life, but I’m going to plan some time to just sit and think and rest…maybe soothing music will help? I know that earplugs probably will.

5. Clean your toilet and stock up on soft, cloudy toilet paper.

So this is how things have gone down today:

-Food: green smoothie for breakfast, salmon with edamame for lunch, mint cucumber soup for dinner, lots and lots of water.
-Exercise: walk from the computer to the bathroom and yoga tonight.
-Physical down-time: planned a nap…still haven’t gotten it.
-Mental down-time: spent some quiet time early this morning listening to birds and just thinking.

Doesn’t it all sound relaxing? I hope it will be?

Maybe you should pray for me.


2 thoughts on “Cleanse

  1. Need. Your menu actually sounds delicious! And that sounds like an exercise regimen I can stick to, but maybe I'd wanna add walks from the computer to the kitchen occasionally…

  2. If you decide you like almond butter I can actually make it with my juicer. Doesn't that sound fun? So when you run out, because I know you will love it, add walking to my house into your regimen and we will make it. Yeah!

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