Treasure Hunting

Hello and welcome to Thrift Store Thursday! It is raining here, and very windy…a typical spring day in my rural Utah town. What is your spring weather like? I wish you sunshine and green grass, unless you like rain and wind and then I will trade you for your sunshine and green grass.

Okay, let’s get down to business. Today I thought I would share thrift store finds and advice from some of my blogging friends. I am including places like craigslist, Ebay, garage sales, etc. in my general title of thrift store…basically anything that has been used by someone and then purchased and transformed by someone else. I hope it will inspire you to do some thrifting yourself.

Therese Long from La Dolfina is a treasure merchant who finds great “few of a kind treasures” and then keeps them or sells them at her charming shop Il Tuo Tesoro. In these photos you will see the dresser she purchased at The Salvation Army. She made a few changes…new hardware, new height, and a toe kick upholstered in black leather. Later, she found the Asian painting at Goodwill…and created a beautiful combination.

*Photo from La Dolfina

Cindy at Cameras and Chaos has lots of great finds that she gives new life, chronicling it all in her incredible photography. In this post, she transforms a $5 Craigslist chair…

*Photos by Cindy at Cameras and Chaos

…and here a pretty little table which is now on sale on craigslist.

*Photos by Cindy at Cameras and Chaos

Check out Therese’s blog and Cindy’s blog for great advice on “treasure hunting.”


One thought on “Treasure Hunting

  1. Hi Lori!What a surprise and an honor to be featured on your blog… Thank you :)You have a beautiful blog and I love the name, it's so true and I'm 100% behind the changes you are currently embracing.I'm going to add you to my sidebar because you're too good to keep to myself :)Love,Terri

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