The Weekend Changes

*Photo by Joe…Sunset at Point-no-Point

Happy, happy weekend. It is a winter wonderland here…we have 5 inches of snow! No set plans for us and judging by all the snow, I think we will be staying in and just chilling. Except floating around in my mind was an off-hand statement by my teenager about student-body elections and cheerleading tryouts next week…we might be campaign central here!

Here are some things that I’m excited about:

Glass jewelry at 3rd Ward. Wish I lived close enough to take this class.
-Something new to love about Ikea.
-Special labels for special treats.
-Have you heard of the 17-day Diet? I might try it after my cleanse.
-A great gift for important days coming up, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
-Do you think chocolate butter is a good way to end my cleanse?
-This DIY is on my list. I’m going to make it colorful like this one on Liz’s blog.
-50 Dessert Recipes for the weekend. It would be fun to get a group together to make and try all 50.
-Don’t forget Bijou Market.
-I know what I want for Mother’s Day or my birthday…something like this from the vintage pearl (slh, this is a BIG hint for you).
-New blog loves…Cameras and Chaos and La Dolfina.

Have a great weekend!


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