Good Sisters and Good Conversation

*Photo from The Satellite

Have you heard of the Satellite Sisters? They are five real sisters working to bring a sense of connection into the lives of women. They began with a radio show where they connected from their various homes around the world and discussed a broad range of topics with great insight and incredible humor. Now they have a blog, podcast, books, and many more satellite sisters, like me.

The Satellite Sisters’ mantra is “Not every conversation will change your life, but any conversation can.” How great is that…and how true! I fell in love with them a few years ago when I read their book.

I am rediscovering the Satellite Sisters through their website, which includes links to their latest podcasts and Lian’s blog. They cover just about any topic you can think of from choking, to dating, to politics, to entertainment…whatever you can think of. Really!

So meet the Satellite Sisters through this video and then go to their website and listen to any of their great podcasts. It will make your day.

Dolan Sisters

Aren’t sisters great! I am gearing up for a little getaway with my own sisters and mom. So much FUN!


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