Life Changes—The Bond Family

Welcome back to Life Transitions. I am posting from sunny St. George where the temperature is in the 70s. We will head back home later today where the forecast for tomorrow is snow!
I wanted to share this life transition with you that I read about a few weeks ago…a really big life transition! I have never met the Bond family, but I was touched by their story.
Nathan and Elisa Bond live in Brooklyn, NY, with their 18 month-old daughter, Sadie. It is important to remember the age of their daughter where you hear their story. A few months ago, Nathan and Elisa were both diagnosed with cancer, his is rectal and hers is breast, and neither of their prognoses are good. Can you imagine going through cancer treatments while your spouse does? Neither can I…and neither could they. I think the hardest part would be not being physically or emotionally strong enough to support each other through this trial. Well, except for knowing that neither of you are able to really care for your child. I can’t even think about that part!
You can follow them along through this life transition here. There haven’t been any updates for a couple of weeks, but you can get caught up on their story while you wait…hopefully there will be posts soon.
Pray for this little family as they go through the ultimate life transition…hopefully things will change for the better.

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