Thrift Store Thursday–Books as Art

*Image from Inspiration Green

Hands down, my favorite place to purchase books is thrift stores. The prices are great and if the book isn’t very good, than I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my money. Also, it is usually a better deal for me than the library. Really! Inevitably, our library books get returned late and the late fees are larger than the purchase price of a book at the thrift store.

I’ve recently discovered a new use for thrift store books that I am loving and planning on copying soon…book pages as wall art! I’m especially loving this idea because books are so meaningful in my life and memorializing them on the wall, where I can see them every day, will really make me happy. Look at some of these great wall art ideas, using books:

1. Nursery wall decorated with framed children’s book covers.

*Image from Alice Lane

2. Picture frames made with vintage book covers.

*Image from Papernstitch

Someday I’m hoping that my upstairs loft will be a library and it would be fun to decorate the walls with framed book pages and framed dust jackets. I also have a very long and very bare upstairs hallway that I’m thinking might look good covered in framed art.

3. Framed book art mixed with important mementos.

*Image from Young House Love

I’ve actually even thought about papering my little commode closet in the master bathroom with magazine covers. Book pages and covers would be really fun, too. I will definitely be stocking up on lots of used books in the next while…maybe forever because that really bare hallway is really, really long!

More fun used book ideas:

9 Ways to Turn Old Musty Books into Something Cool
80 Ideas for all Your Old or Unwanted Books

Amazing Used Book Art

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