Change Your Life—Landmarks

Blue-domed Church in Santorini
Image via

As I am working on my lists, I’m noticing that at lot of what I dream about doing is traveling. There are a lot of places I want to see and a lot of things that I want to experience. I found this list of landmarks today and discovered out of these 50 important landmarks, I have seen 2…Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon (does it count as two if I’ve been there twice?). Of the Part 2 Landmarks, I have seen 3…the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building. So that is 5 out of 100 or 5% in my first half of life. If, I want to see the rest, I had better get traveling!

But, I’m also wondering, who decides what constitutes a landmark? Are you wondering that, too? Well, this is the definition according to pxleyes:

Originally, a landmark literally meant a geographic feature used by explorers and others to find their way back or through an area. Now, a landmark includes anything that is easily recognizable, such as a monument or a building, or any other spot to designate places that might be of interest to tourists.

That last sentence makes the definition of a landmark pretty subjective…I like that because I like what I like and I might not like what you like and you probably won’t like what I like. That’s okay, there is plenty of landmarks to go around. For example, I’ve seen some pretty amazing landmarks that aren’t on these lists, like Butchart Gardens, Martin’s Cove, Heceta Head Lighthouse, YS Falls, and the Zion Narrows. So maybe I will make my own landmark list and include some of my own personal landmarks…landmarks I have been to and landmarks that I want to see. You could do the same and then we could share and compare. Read this book if you need some inspiration. It is one of my favorites.

What do you think? Do you want to follow someone else’s landmark list, or make your own? I think a combination of both will be best for me.


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