Design Change—Porch Love

Private Porch from Gorgeous Designs

I think Spring might actually come…or we might miss Spring and move straight to Summer. Either way, it is getting warm and I have front porches on my mind. Probably because I have very slowly been working on redesigning mine this past month. I have done some shopping, assembled almost everything I need, and waited and waited on the weather. I’m crossing my fingers that I can finish it this weekend. Meanwhile, I thought I would share some of my favorite porch images from Pinterest. My porch design is on a much smaller scale than some of these, but it is always fun to dream.

Beautiful View from Rare and Beautiful Treasures

Lovely Swing from Lowes Creative Ideas

Porch Party from Southern Living

Charming and Simple from Design Sponge

Relaxing from ‌Inhabitat

I’m excited to finish my own porch and spend a lot of my Summer enjoying it. Our family usually gathers there on Sunday evening to eat dessert, listen to the birds, and laugh at each other. I’m hoping my changes will make it a daily gathering spot. What about you? Do you have a porch? Do you use your porch? Do you love your porch?


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