The Weekend Changes


My weekend is going to be full of projects, but fun projects that I am excited about…the porch project continues, I have a lot of flowers and plants to put in my garden, and Courtnee is coming to spend the day with us while Geoff works. I am the happiest when we are all together. Here are some of my favorite changes from the week…

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend:

1. A change in vacation plans (video above) via Modern Mormon Men.
2. Change the air quality in your home.
3. Change in perspective: Clothes are not for Hiding Flaws from Karen Walrond.
4. Healthy Food Changes: Dried Strawberries and Homemade Chewy Granola Bars.
5. Life Changes: An update on the Bond Family…make sure you watch the video.
6. Design Change: A Completely Renovated First Apartment from Tel Aviv.
7. Thing Change: Skirt to Dress.
8. Seasons Change: Best Sunscreen for Kids from Babble.
9. My Mantra Change: Just Show Up…then the Magic Can Happen.
10. Inspiration: On Beyond Y.

Have a lovely weekend! Back on Monday.


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