Lovin’ Athleta

Are you familiar with the clothing company Athleta? They are a Gap-owned company and feature the most fashionable athletic wear that is out there. I have been receiving their catalogs for a few years and I can’t get enough of them…the catalogs I mean! They fulfill my “I wish I had been a super athletic, outdoorsy girl” fantasy life. I imagine that I am in my 20s and living on the beach or on a mountain and all I have to do all day is workout and go on adventures. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

I have also ordered a few items from Athleta and love them. Their bathing suits are my favorite and I have a skirt similar to this. I’ve been admiring the Whatever Skort (pictured above) for a few weeks and would love to own one for every day of the week. When you look at the photo above, do you see what I mean about the super, athletic, outdoorsy girl…this girl is riding her bike, carrying her yoga mat, and rocking a great tan and healthy glow. Everyone in the catalog looks like this!

Check out Athleta and let me know if you order something…and if you love it as much as I do.


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