Feeling French

Just yesterday I blogged about my current summer read, The Paris Wife.  That book is having a lot more influence on me than I realized!  Today I went to get my hair trimmed, and ended up cutting off about 7 inches and it looks kind of like this…a bit French n’est pas?


Then I came home and put on this dress that I read about on Stephanie’s blog.  Stephanie owns a vacation home in France and spends a lot of time there, so I trust that her taste is a bit French.  Also, after I put on that dress, Joe and I went to see a movie set in France, and Rachel McAdams wore lots of shirt dresses like this in it…


*Image via Oh Happy Day


The movie that I went to with my French haircut and French dress was, well, French.  Actually, it was Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, but it was set in Paris.  I didn’t know anything about the movie, but Joe and I both love Woody Allen’s movies so we were excited to go, and the movie did not disappoint…in fact, we both LOVED it.  Joe said it is rare that he gets so lost in a movie that he isn’t thinking about other things.  I was excited that the plot involved many, many characters from 1920s Paris, which is exactly the setting in The Paris Wife

Watch the trailer…and then go see the movie.   You might or might not want to get a French haircut and wear a French dress when you go.   When you get home, you will definitely want to spend some time with your hubby kissing…and it should definitely be the French kind.  I love Mini Moments!


Lovely Movie

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