The Weekend Changes—4th of July


I’m excited to celebrate Independence Day!  We are starting July 4th with our annual race, although I won’t be running this year due to my back injury…sad.  After that it is breakfast at my sister’s house, the town parade and carnival and then a drive to my parent’s house for a barbeque and fireworks.  Independence Day has always been a big celebration in my family and it is one of the highlights of my summer.  Here are a few ideas to make your 4th of July extra patriotic this year…

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend:

1.   My girls are making these easy Patriotic Friendship Bracelets.
2.   Fun and safe Firecracker Game.
3.   Pretty Star Medallions.
4.   Paper Sparklers for the young celebrators.
5.   Yummy 4th of July Food.
6.   Fun (but not very practical) 4th of July Shoes.
7.   Fun and practical shoes that Halle and Lainey will be sporting.
8.   I wish I had time to make these striped shorts…maybe for vacation?  
9.   The USA in Fireworks.
10.  A patriotic challenge from one of my friends: 

Take an hour this weekend (or two perhaps–?) and find something about the Founding Fathers, their writings, their admonitions/counsel that you didn’t know before–or even find/read a story of someone who laid down their life to protect your/our freedoms. Any one, any time of U.S. history. Then for extra credit, share it with someone you know on Monday. Finally, remember, it isn’t “July 4th Weekend.” It is “Independence Day Weekend.” (There is a difference) If you don’t believe me, try calling it as such, and see how it affects your perception of the day, itself.

Thanks Chance for reminding us about the significance of July 4th…our Independence Day!


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