The Weekend Changes

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I am back from vacation and sunburned sore and…sick with some kind of throat, nose thing that started on the day we left for vacation and has now settled into my sinuses with no apparent intention to leave.  I am feeling rather fuzzy-brained right now, so please don’t hold me accountable if this post is a bit off.  It is always hard to come home from vacation, but coming home sick is the worst!  Here are a few of my favorite changes from the week…

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend:

1.   Best summer list around via Making it Lovely.
2.   I’m loving Joanna Goddard’s Balance Series…make sure you read each post.
3.   Zo by The Electoral College…my cousin on the drums!
4.   My new blog crush is Design Sponge.
5.   Mango and Avocado Salad = Yummy!
6.   I just finished this book, and it was a great summer read.
7.   Excited and sad for The Deathly Hallows, Part 2…even the trailer makes me cry.
8.   Gabby is celebrating her 5 year blogging anniversary with a great giveaway…a children’s library!
9.   Speaking of libraries, vote for mine.
10. Live a good life…Inspiration.

Back on Monday…hopefully I’ll be feeling healthy and happy.  I’m excited to share some more vacation posts with you next week.  Happy weekend to you!


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