Change a Life—Lovin’ the Library


Our Current Library

This is a video of my little town’s current library.  It might be slightly exaggerated, but it is true that we have no library!  Our small collection of books is currently being housed in the high school.  Our collection of media, computers, comfy chairs to read on, and story time are nonexistent.  Sad, don’t you think?

I have always been a crazy library aficionado.  As as child, I would beg and beg my mom to drive me to the library, or I would ride the bus, and a few times I even rode my bike…and it was not an easy ride.  I would return home with a stack of 10-12 books that would last me a couple of weeks, and then the begging would start again.  As a college student, I camped out in the library on a daily basis.  Really!  As a young mother, it was my escape.  When I needed a couple of hours away, I would pass the girls off to Joe, and head to the library.  I always returned refreshed and happy and with a new stack of books.  As a mom, I had my girls at library story time on a weekly basis until they got too old to enjoy it…but they still enjoy the library.  Daughter 3, Lainey, told me just the other day how much she wished we had a library that she could walk to or ride her bike to.

We are desperately trying to get a library in our little town and this is one way you can help.  The Pepsi Refresh Project is currently donating $50,000 to a laudable community project that receives the most votes.  Will you please take a moment and vote for our library?  Just click here and you can find the “vote button” in the upper right hand corner.  You can then sign in with your Facebook account or you can create an account.  It only takes a minute!

Our little community is hoping that the library will help to change lives.  This is a chance for you to be part of changing lives, too.  Isn’t that a great feeling!


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