Healthy Changes—Raw Foods & Cancer



A while ago I blogged about eating more greens here (sorry about the image problems).  I still love my greens and I try to drink a green smoothie every day.  I’m also trying to add more raw foods to my diet.  Today, my green food guru, Robyn blogged about using raw foods as a non-toxic cancer treatment.  It reminded me that my sister-in-law, Tari, began eating lots of raw vegetables when she was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago.  Unfortunately, her cancer had progressed so far that she didn’t have enough time to see if a raw foods diet was beneficial before she died the next year.

If Tari had more time, I like to think that this alternative approach to cancer treatment would heal her.  I imagine us on the porch drinking green smoothies together.  Tari has her beautiful hair and eyelashes and we share stories about being moms and grandmas and we swap some recipes and schedule a date to the Farmer’s Market.  If only…

With Tari on my mind, I can’t help but ask, if eating raw foods can help with cancer treatment, shouldn’t we all more fully embrace it as cancer prevention?  As Robyn writes, “We all have cancer cells. It’s just a matter of whose immune function goes “down for the count” so that cancer gets the upper hand.”

Cancer is not a change in my life that I want to experience.  So, I’m adding more raw foods and trying to eat healthier overall.  It is not easy…I have some bad food habits like loving sweets and diet coke.  But I’m working on eliminating all unnatural sugars from my diet, I’ve swapped diet coke for sparkling water, and I eat a handful of raw nuts every day.  Small steps, but good changes.

I’m also going to put a copy of these top cancer fighting foods in my kitchen…again, small step but good change. 

Green smoothies are a great way to eat a large amount of raw foods.  You can find a myriad of recipes at Green Smoothie Girl.  This is how I make mine:


Fresh Green Smoothie
-Put 1 cup of light vanilla soy milk in blender.
-Fill blender with raw spinach (about 4 cups); pack loosely.
-Blend until smooth.
-Fill blender again with raw spinach (about 3 cups); pack loosely.
-Blend until smooth.
-Add 1 banana and 1 green apple and some flax seeds.
-Blend until smooth.
-Add 1 cup frozen fruit (I prefer the tropical mix with pineapple, strawberries, mangos, peaches).
-Blend until smooth.
*Enjoy!  It tastes much better when it is first made…if you want it thinner, add a bit of water.  I drink the entire smoothie myself and I really do like it.  I’m still working on my husband and girls.


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