The Weekend Changes


Image at Tiny White Daisies

It is party central at our house this weekend…an overnight visit from some nephews and a niece, a baby shower, and as I write there is a large group of teenagers milling about my house.  Geoff and Courtnee are here for the weekend and we are busy and happy and hot!  Our air conditioner has finally bit the dust (mostly) and we have decided to wait until next summer to get a new one.  Joe has got things rigged up pretty well with windows and fans and occasionally the air conditioner so we aren’t too miserable.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to need another weekend after this one!  Meanwhile, I have a few delightful changes I would like to share…

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend:

1.   Food Change:  muddy buddies to lemon buddies.  I made these, and they are a hit!
2.   Simple Change:  Jordan is also blogging at the Real Simple Magazine Log.
3.   Design Change:  add a pop of color to your kitchen with a painted pantry door.
4.   Healthy Change:  10 Superfoods…would you ever eat nettle?
5.   Thing Change:  20 Weird, Wacky & AMAZING Celebrity Portraits made from trash.
6.   Another Thing Change:  Maskros hacks…brilliant!
7.   Body Change:  Joe’s birthday request.
8.   Fashion Change:  flare leg jeans and loafer pumps.
9.   Perspective change.
10. Inspiration…I’m loving the Couple’s Retreat series from Courtney Kendrick; read it here, here, here and here


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