Design Changes—Me + Kirtsy

Image from A Private Moment by ME


Are you familiar with Kirtsy?  It is a fabulous website and one of my favorite spots to find great design on the internet.  Kirtsy refreshed their website a few weeks ago and their new design is very user friendly and features some of the most amazing images you will find on the internet.  This is what Kirtsy writes about their new site:

“Join us each day to find a new slideshow curated by some of the most interesting people online. The site is now completely redesigned to faithfully provide you with art, design, products, pins, photos, and projects. It’s a new day. And we’re really glad you’re here.”

Notice the bold text…apparently that means me because I am one of those slideshow curators!  My slideshow A Private Moment was featured on Kirtsy on August 14!  This is definitely the most exciting thing that has happened to me thus far in the blogging world! I am now rubbing shoulders on Kirtsy with people like Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook, Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks, Karen Mackin of Mackin Ink, EZ of Creature Comforts, Sharon Beesley of NYC Taught Me, and Rachel Jones of Black Eiffel + lots of other great bloggers!  These are the big girl bloggers, and somehow I am in the midst of them!  Although I’m still one of the little girl bloggers, I am definitely moving up!  So grateful for this change!

*This news apparently warrants an entire paragraph punctuated with exclamation marks.


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