The Weekend Changes

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Our first week of school is over, and somehow we have survived all of the ups and downs that come with that first week…clothes & supplies shopping, a Costco run for lunches, early mornings, registrations, a football game, two dances, high temperatures and no air conditioning, two back-to-school nights, a chewed up hose and pair of underwear(?) courtesy of our dog Belle, and the regular life things.  Tonight two daughters will be at parties and one will be cheerleading at another football game… Wow, a date night for Joe and I!  It sounds like we are all going to “have some fun.” 

Speaking of fun, my sister is having her second baby today!  The actual getting him here might not be fun, but having a baby is the most fun of all.  I love having nieces and nephews.  I think I might need to take a trip to California soon and check this little guy out.

Here is wishing you a weekend of fun…not the baby having kind, but the having a baby kind.

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend:

1.   Did you notice all the changes I’ve made to my blog design?  Enjoy and anticipate more changes coming.
2.   Perspective Change:  Being a Parent is Fun!
3.   Food Change:  Creative Sandwich Ideas.
4.   Fashion Change:  Summer to Fall Dresses.
5.   Fun Change:  Brunch, Anyone?
6.   Healthy Change:  Tips for Eating Healthy On-the-Go.
7.   Exciting, Exciting Change!:  Ree is on TV…so excited for this!!!
8.   Things Change:  Stickers to Wallpaper.
9.   Design Change:  Dining Room to Library, a really amazing before and after.
10.  Inspiration…Finding Creative Time.

Have a FUN weekend!  Back on Monday.


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