Before & After Front Porch

This is a photo of my front porch a few months ago…and it was really boring.  Before–typical black door, overgrown shrubs, peeling paint, old furniture, hidden house number, no color.
So much better, don’t you agree?  After—bright green door, manicured shrubs, fresh paint, visible house number, and some fun red pops of color.  I am so happy with the transformation, including the cost and time involved.  You can read more about my porch change after the jump. (Just go to the end and click on Read more…I’m so happy I learned how to do this!)

I’ve always wanted a huge wraparound porch.  I haven’t got it quite yet, but my current front porch is one of my favorite parts of  my house.  It is south-facing, but always shaded because it is covered and there is plenty of room for some cozy chairs and tables.  It is the best place to drink my morning peppermint tea, read a book in the evening, spend lazy afternoons talking with Joe, and host spontaneous porch parties.
A few months ago, it was not looking so great.  Old, run down, boring would be the best adjectives to describe it. 
This front porch desperately needed a summer spruce-up.  So I got to work trimming, painting, sewing, and planting.  And this is what I ended up with…


Here are a few details:

Door—painted door and trim with high gloss paint and a sponge roller, spray painted the hardware including the numbers which I purchased at Home Depot.

Chairs—spray painted the chairs in a glossy white and recovered the cushions with Ikea curtains that I picked up on clearance.  I just traced the old cushions onto wrapping paper to make a pattern, and sewed them on the machine.  I love this fabric and its linen-look.  I sewed the pillow coverings and stuffed them with the fluff from old porch pillows that were dirty and faded…the insides still looked great.  I kept the pillows low-profile because we get a lot of wind and it tends to blow pillows into the shrubs.

Table–found the table at this thrift store and I painted it white and added the metallic brass paint to the center.  It ties in nicely with the hardware on the door and glows beautifully in candle light.

Plant Pots–found these at the same thrift store and sprayed them white.  Then Joe drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and I put in some pea gravel, potting soil, and geraniums.  I used tomato red for the accent color so the green and red wouldn’t look too Christmassy. 

Mini Paper Lanterns—added some fun with some lanterns left from Courtnee’s wedding.  They are nylon so withstand the rain well.  Don’t they make the porch look festive, like there must always be something to celebrate at that house?

Cost—about $75

Time—about 10 hours (not counting paint drying time)

My Favorite Part—definitely the door color and the house numbers.  I love how they look at night and how easy it is to read our address.


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