The Weekend Changes

Image at Country Living via Pinterest


Welcome to the weekend!  Football season has started and for us that means Friday night tailgate parties with the high school cheerleaders and their families, and then the football game.  I stupidly happily volunteered to be in charge of tailgating last year and here it is a new year and I’m in charge again.  It isn’t really that big of a deal, mostly phone calls and set up and clean up, and everyone is so willing to help and participate.  Our little town is very supportive of high school sports, so a majority of the community comes to the games and it makes for a fun evening.  So I’m off to make decorations and food and get the house ready for a weekend visit from Courtnee and Geoff.  We love it when they come because the whole weekend feels like a party and we don’t feel too guilty for not getting a lot of things done around the house…maybe they should come every weekend!

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend:

1.   Things change:  Cloth Stools.
2.   Food change:  Bloomin’ Zucchini.
3.   Healthy changes:  Dirty Dozen + Clean 15.
4.   Thrifty change:  Shop Savvy App.
5.   Design change:  Moss Graffiti via Design Mom.
6.   Fashion change:  15 Fashion Must-Haves for Mom.
7.   Color change:  Add some “zest” to your bedroom.
8.   Fun change:  Fun & Thrifty Labor Day Sidewalk Sale.
9.   Hopeful change:  Hoping to see The Help this weekend.
10. Inspiration…

Enjoy your extra long weekend!


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