A Change of Pace—Walking to Running

I think I am finally ready to start running again.  After several months of working to recover from a back injury that also affects my hip and sciatic nerve, I think I’m ready to go.  I still have pain, some days are worse than others, but laying off isn’t really helping.  I’ve been working the last few months to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and get some cardio back so I’m going to give it a shot. 
I HATE the build up to running again, but it is inevitable after so much time off (about 6 months) so here goes.  I am contemplating a spring half or full marathon and I’m already on a Ragnar team that races in June, so I’ll be building up to big mileage.  But right now, I’m starting from 0. 
If you’ve ever considered running, this is a great schedule for beginners to go from walking to running.  The schedule is from this book…the running guide Joe and I used for our first marathon.  It takes about 11 weeks to work up to running 30 mins. 3 days per week, but ensures a safe and gradual way to build to running that helps prevent injury.  This is the way to do it if you are in for a lifetime of staying fit…

Week      Walking/Running Pace     Days/Week     Total Minutes     Number of weeks

1              Walk 17-20 min./mile                3                       30                           1
2              Repeat                                      3                       30                           1
3              Walk 13-16 min./mile                3                       30                           1
4              Repeat                                      4                       45                           1
5              Run 5 min./                                3                       30                           1
                walk 5 min./
                Repeat 2 times
6              Run 10 min./                              3                       30                           1
                walk 5 min./
                Repeat once.
7              Run 15 min./                               4                       40                          1
                walk 5 min./
                Repeat once.
8              Run 20 min./                               4                       40                           1
                walk 5 min./
                Repeat once.
9              Run 25 min./                                4                      30                           1
                walk 5 min.
10            Run for 30 min.                            4                      30                           2

The process is slow, but ensures less burnout physically and mentally.  Even if you are fit and involved in other activities, it is a good idea to start out slow so that you can build the proper muscle support for running.  So, anyone want to run a marathon with me?


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