Design Changes—Sleek 60s Style


Images at Joss & Main


It might have something to do with my latest Netflix obsession, Mad Men, but I am loving fashion, design, lipstick, music, and everything else from the 60s.  I’m also old enough to remember some similar items in my parents home…I wish they still had their green spinning chair!  In my quest for simplicity, I’m drawn to the clean lines, metallic accents, and graphic upholstery that were so prevalent in 60s design.  I was so happy today to open up my daily email from Joss & Main and find a whole selection of Sleek 60s Style design curated by Maegan Tintari.  I could close my eyes and point to any item shown here and I would love owning it.

What about you…are you also drawn to design from the 60s?


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