Healthy Changes—Dental Health, Part 1

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I’m realizing that an important component to healthy changes is getting my teeth healthy, too.  So far, it has not been pleasant. 

I have always had good teeth…in fact, I am so good at brushing my teeth that I have actually had to have fluoride treatments because I have brushed my teeth too hard.  I also have had several hygienists comment on how white my teeth are naturally…also a result of brushing my teeth too hard.

But, my luck has finally run out and my teeth are no longer good.  In fact, they are very, very bad.  And they are very, very bad because I am very, very bad.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I went to the dentist.  Why?  Well, one of the down sides to self-employment is terrible health and dental insurance…huge deductibles and bad coverage.  Also, I have four daughters who need regular dental care and three daughters who have worn braces and one more who will, and they come first.  As a result, I have neglected my own dental care and am now paying the price…literally.

I finally went to the dentist last week because I have been complaining about a tooth for months and my husband was sick of hearing it so he made me an appointment and I went.  Now I am in the midst of a series of fillings and at least one root canal.  Every few days I drive an hour to go to a dentist where my measly dental insurance actually works.  I then sit in the chair for at least an hour of uncomfortable care, write a check for a few hundred dollars. and then I drive an hour home and stumble through the next few days in pain.  I feel okay for about a day and then I do the whole thing again.  This will continue for the next several weeks or until I run out of money.

I could have avoided most of this by paying $97 every six months for a regular exam and cleaning.  But at the time it seemed too inconvenient and too expensive.  What was I thinking!…obviously, I wasn’t!


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