Design Changes: Zid Zid Kids

Products at Zid Zid Kids

Recently, I discovered Zid Zid Kids via this Kirtsy slideshow.  I love the look of the products, and I love the company’s philosophy.  Is Zid Zid Kids new to you as well?  If so, here are a few details

Zid Zid Kids began in Marrakech in the spring of 2003. Inspired by how children play, it has been Zid Zid’s ambition to design with an unlimited imagination while blending the magic of play with the beauty of the handmade into every product. When designing and producing in the Zid Zid Marrakech Atelier, every handmade creation adheres to incorporating these five key elements:

1.  Keen Eye on Design
2.  Handmade in Morocco
3.  Fair Trade
4.  Respect of the Environment
5.  Family Centric and Safety Standard

There are no little ones at my house right now, but I foresee some Zid Zid’s in my future role as a grandma.  I especially love the gold ballet slippers.  Do any of you own any Zid Zid products that you would like to report on?


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