Sheyna Jewelry

Autumn by Lori C.

I always love a good change and I’m excited to share this one with you…customizable jewelry with no assembly required.  Sheyna jewelry is a lovely website with thousands of existing jewelry designs to choose, customize, or create.  Here are three ways to enjoy their jewelry:

1.   Choose an existing piece.
2.   Choose an existing piece and then change it into something new and unique.
3.   Custom design your own piece with their digital sketchpad.

Once you have ordered or designed your piece, the artisans at Sheyna assemble it for you.  I spent some time “playing” on their digital sketchpad and came up with this bracelet in just a few minutes.  I also took an existing design and changed it into something new…

Just in time for holiday giving, Sheyna is offering my readers a 10% discount on their purchase.  Enter shenya10 as the coupon code.  You will also receive free shipping. 

I foresee spending a lot of time on this website designing gifts for friends and family.  Sheyna jewelry would be perfect for Christmas and birthdays, but wouldn’t it be fun to design a unique piece for a new mother, a graduate, a special friend, or a bride?


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