Home from Vacation

Image at Deviant Art

I am back from a lovely Thanksgiving week in St. George, Utah where we had perfect weather, a wonderful time with family, and just enough drama to add a little spice to our trip.  I think that is what happens when you squish 7 people into a 1 bed/1 bath condo for a week!  The memories will make us laugh.

Besides great memories, I also came home from St. George with a major toothache from the tip of my ear all the way to my shoulder so it is back to the dentist today…will it never end!  I guess I will cross off a few more gifts on my list because all of my money is going to the dentist this season.

As discouraging as that is, we came home from vacation to find our cute next door neighbor in the hospital with transverse myelitis.  She woke up one morning and couldn’t feel or move her legs.  She is one of Halle’s closest friends and they have spent hours and hours playing together.  Our hearts our heavy, but she is slowly getting better and we have great hope that all will be well.  Her recovery will probably take months, so it will be difficult for some time.  If you are the praying-kind, like we are, please add Audrey to your prayers.  If you are not, will you think about praying for her anyway? 

It still surprises me that life changes so quickly.


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