Handmade Christmas


If I had time, everything at Christmas would be handmade…decorations, gifts, food.  Not only did my mom teach me that a handmade gift is so much more meaningful, I love handmade items because I get such a sense of joy and achievement.  My project board on Pinterest is overflowing with projects and I’ve added a lot more to my artsy board and Christmas board.  I’ve also been gathering supplies and starting on a few projects and I’m so excited to immerse myself in Christmas creations. 

I think handmade items used to have a bad rep, but companies like Etsy and Big Cartel are changing public opinion on handmade.  The media is helping with that, too.  Today I read a fantastic blog post on Design Sponge…Skip the Stores, Use Your Hands by Grace Bonney.  Here are a few quotes from Grace:

With all that’s going on in the world and most of our lives these days, sometimes the idea of buying something or dealing with shopping can seem a little hollow.

These ideas are things I’ve thought long and hard about giving (or wanting) this season- not because they’re fancy or trendy- but because if you were to receive them from anyone, you would immediately know that thought, time and care went into them.

As much as we all love shiny new presents, most of the gifts that people remember for years to come have a special story behind them, and I think these ideas are the right start for creating that sort of memory.

My feelings exactly!  I know that for many of us, time to handcraft anything at Christmas feels impossible and handmade can sometimes be more expensive.  But one thing I’ve discovered is that if I choose a few things to make and I have a clear set of directions and plans, I can make my gifts almost as quickly as I can buy them and for a lot less money and a lot more meaning. 

This year is going to be a big handmade year for me, but I’m going to step it up a notch with a lot of “thing changes,” transforming things I already have into something new.  I’m excited for the challenge and hope you might join me in a creative, crafty, handmade Christmas.  If you need some ideas, here are some of my favorites, and don’t forget to shop at Big Cartel and Etsy for unique and handmade gifts.  (Handmade doesn’t always have to mean handmade by you!)  I started my handmade shopping today by ordering Marta’s Christmas Poster.

Handmade Christmas Ideas
D*S Best of:  Handmade Gifts
Liz’s DIY Gold Toe Flats and her Craft and Tutorial Roundup series
Pinterest-search for what you want to make and choose your favorite DIY.  For example:  gift tags, pinecones, soap, candles.  Or choose a recipient like gifts for men, little girls, babies, grandmas, neighbors, etc.


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