“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”

Image at Min Lilla Veranda

White Kitchen + a White Christmas would be my dream come true!  I’m afraid the kitchen part will not be happening this year, but I’m leaning towards lots of white in my Christmas décor.  It is a bit tricky because so much of what I have is colored…and my girls think we have to use all of the same things that we always do.  I think we might compromise by using white spray paint to change things up.

I think a “white Christmas” is so simple, classic, and beautiful.  It helps me feel at peace, as well.  An added bonus is a lot of white decorations can be used for winter décor as well, so there isn’t so much un-decorating that needs to be done right away.  I find it especially beautiful with fresh greenery…

Image at Country Living

a bit of sparkle…

Image at BH & G

or a bit of color, like the perfect blue ribbon…

Image at Habitually Chic

or just a hint of red.

Image at All Things Elegant


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