I love this image for so many reasons…a modern day Abe Lincoln wearing jeans and tennis shoes, aka Daniel Day Lewis.  He is one of my favorite actors and amazingly versatile in all that he does…the quality of his acting skills are almost untouchable.  Did you know that he becomes so thoroughly immersed in his characters that it takes him several months after filming to become himself again?  In fact, I would guess that he is constantly evolving as he adds something from each new character to his own persona.

I guess we are all like that, taking something from each new experience or life role and adding it to our own personal layer of characteristics.  I know that each role I have thoroughly immersed myself in has added a new dimension to the person that I am.  I also know that every role I add to my life—wife, mother, youth leader, teacher, friend, daughter, sister, neighbor—has changed my life and transformed me into someone better, stronger, bigger.  These roles also open up levels of joy and satisfaction that fill my life with meaning.  Yes, they can be difficult and challenging, but life changes, role changes, and Daniel Day Lewis are making me happy today…and always.

Just in case you were wondering, I developed a bit of a crush on Daniel Day Lewis’s character in Last of the Mohicans.  So, as an early Christmas gift to you, I thought I would share my celebrity crush.  Enjoy! 

“Just Stay Alive!”

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