Pinterest + Fruition

Image from Piccsy

I love Pinterest, but it can sometimes have the same discouraging effect as blogs and Christmas cards.  I knew from the beginning that it might make me feel that way, so I decided to just look at it as a place to store beautiful images and inspiration…no pressure.  Last week my niece posted this on Facebook:

Micki Radulovich Cottam

Sometimes looking at Pintrest makes me feel bad about myself.

Like · · December 5 at 8:51pm ·

And this is coming from a super-amazing woman…a wife and mother who runs a home and family, shares her space with her younger brother and his friend, and she works as an editor and gets MA degrees and writes novels in her spare time.

I’ve thought about that comment a lot since then.  I have so many ideas and projects pinned that I’ll never complete them.  But that is okay.  I’m going to start a new board that celebrates all the things I have finished.  When I start to feel discouraged, I’ll simply wander on over there and look at all the great things I have accomplished.  I’m going to call it “fruition.”  You should make a “fruition” board, too.  If not on Pinterest, then somewhere else…and Happy Fruitioning!


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