Time to Wrap it Up

Image from Real Simple

I have finally made a small dent in my Christmas shopping, and now I’m thinking about wrapping.  I like to wrap as I go so it isn’t one giant chore on Christmas Eve, and it is much easier to wrap while my girls are still in school (they are out tomorrow).  These past few years, I’ve set up a wrapping station somewhere in my home with all of the basics…boxes, paper, ribbon, tape, tags, scissors.  The wrapping station slowly evolves into a giant mess as my girls work on wrapping gifts, too, but at least it is a semi-contained mess.  This year, our wrapping station is in the craft room which also houses a very small tv and a bright sunny window.  It is small and not fancy, but I’m SO happy to have a little spot. 

One year, my neighbor brought over a small portable wrapping station a few days before Christmas so that we could finish up whatever we needed to.  It included a basket with a dowel through the middle that held several spools of ribbon, some scissors, tape and tags, and a roll or wrapping paper.  It was nice to have something portable to use when someone needed to wrap a gift in secret…they could take the supplies to their bedroom, shut the door, and wrap away.  Great gift idea!

Today I thought I would share some great images of wrapping stations.  Some are portable, some are practical, some are over-the-top, but all are beautiful and fun to dream about.

Holiday Hamper

Over-the-door Organizer

Bookcase Beauty

Lovely Laundry

Savvy Shelf

Creative Cupboard


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