One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is giving and receiving gifts from neighbors and friends.  It is fun to share the joy of Christmas.  Our neighbor gifts go to about 60 people, so they are usually inexpensive, simple, and handmade.  This year we are giving small block candles in glass candle holders…they are simple and inexpensive, but not handmade.

There are so many people that influence our family’s life and it is nice to give them a small token to show our gratitude.  Our gifts go to teachers, church leaders, next-door neighbors, our favorite hair stylist, friends, family, bus drivers, our girls’ friends and their families.  My mother-in-law used to leave a small gift in her mailbox each year for the mailman…good idea.

One of my favorite things about this tradition is that it is one of the Christmas activities that we all do together.  I usually come up with some ideas and we discuss it as a family and then choose one.  I buy the supplies and we assemble the gifts together and then my girls deliver them all around town.  They used to complain about the delivering part quite a bit, but I think they enjoy it now and it is a good time for me to work on surprises at home.  Another favorite part of this tradition is that it is a family thing…my parents always did the same thing and this year my daughter made 80 handmade suckers for her many, many friends.

How about you?  Do you give and receive neighbor gifts, and what are some of your favorites?


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