A Mission

Image by Dan Anderton

On Christmas day, after church and before dinner, my parents gathered our family around and read us a special letter that began, “Dear Elder and Sister Turner….”  They stopped there, but we all knew by the way the letter was addressed what it meant.  They had been asked to serve an LDS mission.  We clapped and cried and guessed where they would be serving, and then they continued the letter to let us know that their mission would be at the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple, and they would be leaving for their mission in April.

I was so surprised…I had no idea that they were planning this, but I’ve always know that they would probably go on a mission if they could.  My parents entire lives have been centered around their faith and religious beliefs and they have worked hard to instill that in their children and grandchildren.

A mission is a big deal and it is completely voluntary.  My parents will finance their entire mission and they will leave their life and family behind in order to go and serve.  For the first time ever, they will not plant a huge garden, or host our 4th of July picnic, or be home for a myriad of birthdays and family celebrations.  For the first time in almost 47 years of marriage, they will live somewhere else.  For the first time ever they will not be there for recitals and graduations and games.  For the first time ever, they will leave their family behind and go on their own adventure.

I am so proud…my parents are going to spread their wings and fly.


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