Resolutions, Goals, Plans


I love the whole idea of “new beginnings” that come with a new year.  I confess that I have had a rather off and on romance with the whole goal thing over the years, but I think we’ve finally come to a mutual understanding, and this year I’m full of plans and hopes and dreams.  Now that the guests have gone home (so sad), and the girls are back in school, I have some quiet time to really focus on what I want 2012 to look like for me and my family.  I’m going to spend several hours these next few days making lists and plans and charts and calendars and all the fun things that are part of goal setting.  But, I’m also going to add a few reminders so that when I’m not progressing quite like I want to, I won’t overload on discouragement and despair and just give up (sometimes I do that).  I thought I might share a few reminders with you…

-Yes, I will make plans and set goals and work hard to progress.  But, I refuse to mentally torture myself when things don’t always go according to plan. 

-Yes, I will pick myself up and start over when I need to.  But, I reserve the right to reevaluate and if trying to accomplish something isn’t working in my life or my family’s, then I will happily toss it out the window and move on. 

-Yes, I will probably set some unrealistic goals that I can’t accomplish.  But, a girl has got to dream and reach and try, and then have a little cry and a big laugh and learn something about herself.

-Yes, there will be people who are better at most things than I am…lots of people…and they might accomplish their goals faster and better and smarter and richer and thinner, etc. than I do.  But, my progression is a part of my own lovely journey and it is a journey that I love with all of my heart.

-Yes, obstacles will arise and struggles will ensue and some days will be really hard.  But, things change and the bad days end and at some point the sun comes up and life moves on.

So, enjoy making goals and resolutions and plans.  But remember to be kind and gentle with yourself.


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