The Weekend Changes

Image at University Lifestyle

The weekend is here!  I’m going to spend it enjoying my family, enjoying my home, and enjoying my life.  Mix in some holiday clean-up, more planning and organizing,  and a couple of fun projects and I think it will be just right.  Tonight I will be at the high school to watch more basketball…my nephew plays and my daughter cheers.  One of my favorite things about living in a small town is all the community support at sporting events.  It is so exciting when the stands are full of people!

While you enjoy your weekend, enjoy some changes, too:

*I Heart Organizing Personalized Charts.
*100 Essential Reads for the Lifelong Learner…I’ve only read 13 of these and I have a BA in English Literature!  I’m very intrigued by the title of the last book on the list.
*Pretty ways to Organize Papers.
*Better Homes & Gardens Month of Storage.
*Save $3500 in 2012.
*More Marc and Angel–12 Things Happy People Do Differently…thanks Mary!
*A New Year Blessing from La Dolfina.
*Amazing posts on Depression here and here…via Blog con Queso.
*Inspirational music from David Archuleta.

Happy weekend!


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