Schedule Good Health

Superfoods Salad from Yummy Mummy
(I can’t wait to make this!)

A big part of organizing my year is making plans for better health, and most of these plans involve scheduling time to get healthy and stay healthy.  I think the best approach to good health is a comprehensive one, so I like to focus on specific areas and then make sure I’m balancing my time between mind, body, and spirit.  Here are some of the things I’m focusing on to organize a healthy year:

*Nutrition—scheduling a specific time for meal planning and grocery shopping.
*Exercise—I have a good schedule that I like, but I’m changing a few things like adding a weekly evening at the gym and a standing racquetball date with Joe.  I’m also doing some races this year, and I have my first running schedule mapped out (race is in June).
*Sleep—I’m working hard to tweak my overall daily schedule so that I get to bed earlier and get up earlier…one thing that is forcing this is my cheerleader’s 6 a.m. practices.
*Appointments—One tip I read for good health in the new year was to get all of your doctor and dentist’s appointments scheduled right now.  Great idea! 
*Mind—Mental health is important too!  Some of the things I’m scheduling are candlelit baths, good music, less visual media, and lots of great books.
*Spirit—To really feel healthy, I have to feed my spirit as well.  That comes from daily personal study and prayer, Sunday church, and visits to the temple.  I’m scheduling these things first.

Are healthy changes on your list of goals for the new year?  If so, make sure you organize and schedule those changes into your life…it makes it so much easier to make permanent changes when you have a plan!

*Just thought I’d share—My oldest daughter Courtnee is majoring in Exercise Wellness & Nutrition at BYU.  One of her required classes is “Mind, Body, Spirit.”  I think it sounds like so much fun and so useful for life…it should be a required class for everyone!


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