The Weekend Changes

Image at Pawsh

I wish my yard looked like this right now, but this has been one warm winter at our house.  I wish every winter there was a foot of snow on the ground from December through February and a daily dusting of light fluffy flakes…and then it should all melt the first week of March.  I am actually doing yard work in January, definitely a first for me.

I’m sorry if my blog has been all over the place lately.  I’m trying to decide the direction I want to take and get it all organized in my mind.  Joe said today that I’m overthinking it, entirely possible, so I might just continue down the same blogging road.  Only, I don’t feel quite settled about it, so I know that I need to do some reworking.  Maybe this weekend?

We have a long weekend here with the girls out of school early today and no school at all on Monday.  I’m trying to gear up for something fun, but all I can think about is getting those messy bedrooms cleaned.  We will probably do a bit of both. My favorite weekends always combine productivity, fun, rest, and worship.

While I’m here dreaming about snow, here are some changes for you to enjoy:

*Gabby from Design Mom is writing a book!
*C. Jane’s take on No Snow…funny (especially the comments).
*New Martha Stewart products at Staples…via Oh Happy Day.
*Liz’s Blog Re-design and HUGE giveaway.
*Gabby asked if anyone else is obsessed with Downton Abbey…I am and it is on Netflix!
*I love this bedroom.
*My new favorite thrift store is ReStore…more on that next week.
*A weekend treat.
*Inspiration…this changed my perspective on so many things.

Have a wonderful weekend…and if you live in Alaska, please send some of your snow this way.


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