Lighting fixtures from ReStore…Designs from Mandy

Desk cabinets from ReStore…Design from Sherry and John
I’m still constructing, but didn’t want to forget this post I promised.  I’ve spent about 20 of the last 36 hours working on my blog.  Halle looked at me this morning and asked me if I had been wearing the same clothes for the past 24 hours.  I haven’t…I’ve been wearing them for the past 36 hours.  I’ve also concluded that I desperately need some serious Photoshop or WordPress lessons.  Does anyone know where I could find some?  Teaching myself html code is going really slowly!

Why the big change?  I’ve got a few exciting things coming up on the blog and I needed to do some organizing and cleaning up as well.  Thanks for sticking with me through my constant changes.  I feel confident that this will be my last major blog change for the year.

Now, for ReStore.  I had read about ReStore at Young House Love and assumed it was a local store for them and not me…they live in Alabama, I’m in Utah.  Then I read about it again at Vintage Revivals and thought there might be some hope…she lives in Utah, I live in Utah.  So I googled it and sure enough, these stores are everywhere and there happens to be one about 35 mins. from my house.  I’ve been there every week since and I’ve completed a few fun projects that I’ll be sharing soon.

ReStore is basically a home improvement thrift store.  The have paint, and appliances, and lighting fixtures, and cabinets, and cabinet doors, and windows, and doors, and hardware, and lumber, and toilets, and sinks, and tile, and a million other things.  They also carry used furniture and the ReStore I’ve visited has a nice little selection of books, too.  So far, I’ve purchased a light fixture, two lamps + shades, 5 new cabinet doors, 3 drop cloths, and a little wicker table, all for $53.

I especially love that ReStore is an environmentally and socially responsible company that benefits local communities.  That means when I purchase something there I’m helping the environment and giving back to my community.  I like that. 

Visit ReStore’s website if you aren’t familiar with this company and then visit their store.  And if you live in Canada, you are in luck.  There are ReStore’s in Canada, too. 


2 thoughts on “ReStore

  1. ReStore is one of my favorite stores. I check there first before going anywhere else. I wish ours carried furniture. Sounds great. Ours here in Boise is the thrift store for Habitat for Humanity, so they carry all the building leftovers and donations from contractors. I needed a door to cover the hole under the stairs in my garage and got one at ReStore for $1. Can't beat that! Thanks Lori!

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