Life Changes—One Word, One Goal


Image at Less Cake, More Frosting

Have you read Ellie G.’s series on goals at Less Cake, More Frosting?   Ellie G. along with some rock stars of the blogging world, have been sharing lots of inspiring words and ideas on One Word, One Goal 2012…a great idea for clarifying and simplifying goals for 2012.  If you are still trying to define your goals for the year, this is a great way to do it.

As an added bonus, Lara has now created a Pinterest board on One Word, One Goal.  Inspiration abounds here!  You can also send your own One Word, One Goal to Lara, and she will pin it on the board…read the end of this post for details.

My own One Word, One Goal 2012 is of course, Change.  There are a lot of changes I need to/hope to/want to/pray that I will make this year.  Every morning when I wake up, I’m so grateful for a new day and a new chance to make some changes in my life.  Some are long overdue and desperately need to be addressed.  Some are fun and keep my creative soul fed.  Some will happen even if I don’t want them to.  But change they will and change I must, so I look forward to a year of change in 2012.


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