2012 Changes—Getting to Know YOU

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February–Get Healthy

One of my first steps towards being happy,  is to “get my head in the game.”  I’ve found that when I’m mentally healthy that the rest of my life seems better, brighter, and really good.  Of course, there is the whole mind-body connection so I need to be in good physical health to have good mental health and my mental health definitely affects my physical health (just ask my dentist). It’s all related.

I think one of the most important components to good mental health is to really know yourself…your favorites, your goals, your interests, your passions.  I can always give you a list of things Joe and my girls love and hate, but I’m not always sure about my own.  Do I have a favorite food? What is my design style?  What is important to me in life and am I using my time doing it?  If I had extra time and money on my hands, what would I do with it?  What am I truly passionate about? 

So, I’m going to take some time this month to really get to know myself.  One way I’m doing this is through Pinterest. When I pin items, I try not to think about it too much, but just act instinctively to pin images that “speak” to me.  Then, when I go back and review my pins, I start to recognize common themes threading their way through the various images.  And those themes are teaching me a few things about myself.  I even have definitive answers to those earlier questions…

Do I have a favorite food? 
Yes…everything!  I love food!

What is my design style?Simple, clean lines, neutral backgrounds, pops of color, DIY, graphics.

What is important to me in life and am I using my time to do it? 
Family, home, beauty, creativity, improvement, celebrating, spirituality, happiness, good health, reverence, gratitude.

Extra time and money? 
Travel, create, quiet moments.
Passionate about? 
Family life, creativity, good health, writing.
Now it is your turn.  What do you know about yourself, and how have you discovered it?  There are lots of great ways to do this.  Gather images that you love from magazines, books, the internet, photographs.  Then combine them into a pin board or collage and see if you can see some common themes.  You might learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before.  And that is a good, healthy change.
*I promise that I am not a paid Pinterest advocate…and I’m not trying to justify any time spent pinning.  I just think it is such an amazing tool for so many things.  And just so you know, I limit my “pinning” time to 10-15 minutes/day, and some days I don’t pin at all!  Also, if you want an invite, just comment below and I’ll make sure you get one.


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