I Spy Tangerine Tango at Kirtsy and Old Navy

John Robshaw via Kirtsy

Did you see the Kirtsy slideshow on Tangerine Tango?  Lots of fun ways to incorporate this color into your 2012 style.  I’ve added some new images to my TT Board if you want to take a look.

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through Old Navy with my bonus bucks and I spotted a lot of TT.  I even picked up a couple of items to bring home with me.  My favorite is the striped shirt.  I feel happier, and fun and trendy, every time I put it on.  The dress is a bit shorter than I realized, so I’m trying to decide if I will keep it or not.  It would be cute with leggings and ballet flats, but not sure if that is a look a 40-something should try.

shirt + dress

More Old Navy and Tangerine Tango:

Ballet Flats
Trench Coat
Color-blocked Tote


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